The war in Ukraine and international security




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The monograph deals with current, important, and essential issues, considering that the world has entered a new era in global security, where authoritarian powers are openly contesting core principles of international security and are seeking to re-write the world's order on which peace and prosperity depend. It is possible to formulate the assumption that the monograph is a reference to an important problem area - changing/new paradigm of the security environment. The idea behind the book is to provide readers with a publication that is not only focused on the war in Ukraine but also on the other aspects/dimensions of inter- national security. Considering the spirit of the current debates within the scientific community, it is possible to formulate the assumption on the importance and value of this monograph which not only builds knowledge about current international security but also looks towards the future. Contents: Introduction PART 1. THREATS OF THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION TO INTERNATIONAL SECURITY Phillip A. Petersen, Greg King Melcher CHAPTER 1. Open Source Intelligence Assessment of Putin's War on Ukraine Mirosław Banasik CHAPTER 2. The Domination of the Russian Federation Below the Threshold of Open Armed Conflict Oleh Oliynyk CHAPTER 3. Institutional Capacity of the Euro-Atlantic Security System in the Conditions of Russia's Military Aggression Against Ukraine PART 2. INTERNATIONAL SECURITY POLICY Yehor Brailian CHAPTER 4. Climate Dimension of the Russian Full-scale Invasion of Ukraine Jerzy Tomasik CHAPTER 5. Deterrence in the Age of Hybrid Threats Attila Mt Kovcs CHAPTER 6. Modernization and Post-modernization in Russia Piotr Gawliczek, Khayal Iskandarov Ibrahim, Vugar Mammadzada Mahammadali CHAPTER 7. Azerbaijan's Isolation Policy: Causes and Consequences PART 3. UNITED STATES INTERNATIONAL POLICY Collins Chong Yew Keat CHAPTER 8. Russia's Dream Comeback and Future American Primacy Tomasz Płudowski CHAPTER 9. American Foreign Policy Doctrines from Isolationism to Indispensability (and Somewhat Back?) Agnieszka Rogozińska CHAPTER 10. U.S. Policy Toward the Russian-Ukrainian War of 2022 Piotr Gawliczek, Viktoriia Krykun, Nataliya Tarasenko, Maksym Tyshchenko, Oleksandr Shapran CHAPTER 11. Computer Adaptive Multistage Language Testing According to Nato Stanag 6001: Background and Benefits Concluding Remarks Information about Authors